UPS and FedEx are no longer the largest delivery companies in the EEUU


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Both UPS and FedEx have been eclipsed as the largest courier companies in the US by Amazon, which delivered more packages to US homes in recent years than both delivery giants.

Amazon revamped its delivery efforts as recently as last month when it introduced Sequoia, which reportedly allows Amazon to list items for sale on its website faster, and is able to more easily predict delivery estimates.

Amazon surpassed UPS in parcel volume in 2022 and FedEx in 2020 — and the gap is only set to widen throughout 2023, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing internal Amazon data reviewed by unnamed sources close to the situation.

Amazon surpassed UPS in parcel volume in 2022 and FedEx in 2020 -- and the gap is only set to widen throughout 2023.

The biggest parcel service, however, is a title that’s still held by the US Postal Service, which handles packages for Amazon, UPS and FedEx.

Amazon is expected to ship a total of 5.9 billion packages this year -- more than the 5.3 million parcels FedEx is set to deliver.

Ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Amazon had already delivered more than 4.8 billion packages in the US alone, The Journal reported.


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