The Week US Media Caught On to State Department Criminality in Guatemala, by Steven Hecht


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Honest Guatemalan Attorney General Is David versus Goliath

A few of us have been working in the trenches for years to make known State Department (DOS) criminality in Guatemala. This month the story broke to a vast audience, thanks to two exposés by US journalists. Americans need action now: congressional investigations and heads rolling.

On May 7, 11 House members sent a letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken highlighting anti-American DOS behavior in Guatemala. Shortly thereafter, Tucker Carlson and Robby Starbuck published videos—including in-depth interviews—on the same topic. These developments complement the work in BizPac Review and the Impunity Observer regarding the foreign-policy establishment’s betrayal of our country.

Tucker Carlson Gives the CICIG a Day in the Sun
Carlson interviewed former Guatemala Secretary of Intelligence (2016–2020) Mario Duarte about his first-hand experience of DOS imposition on Guatemala. Duarte, also a US citizen, said DOS has weaponized the government to force upon allied nations its “ideological projects and socialist narratives.”
Duarte identified as part of the DOS attack the UN-created International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG). He called CICIG a “political persecution tool that specifically targeted conservative people under the guise of fighting corruption.”

More recently, DOS has employed throughout the region “direct threats,” including “taking away visas and different types of sanctions.” The intent is to coerce people to “toe the line to whatever narrative [DOS has] that day.” DOS has a “pervasive network of NGOs and international institutions” that cooperate with it.

Duarte mentioned that “under the guise of fighting corruption and countering narcotics, DOS imposed “socialist agenda ideas, gender ideology, and others aligned with the globalist UN agenda.” Duarte said that despite DOS spending hundreds of millions of dollars on counternarcotics, it has nothing to show for it.

Asked by Carlson to name some of the NGOs interfering in Guatemala, Duarte replied that one among many is the Soros foundation, presumably referring to the Soros-backed Open Society Foundations. Carlson asked if DOS had knowledge of NGOs helping illegal migrants go to the United States from Central America. Duarte replied, “Not only with the knowledge of [DOS], but several of these NGOs were also getting money and are still getting money from USAID.”

Duarte says DOS has many tools to coerce Latin American leaders, and they apply them to elections. Duarte said the 2023 elections were marred by corruption inside the electoral authority. Carlson asked, “The [Joe] Biden administration helped cover up voter fraud?”

“Yes,” said Duarte. “[The Biden regime] definitely covered up for the president that supposedly won and actively tried to block the investigations of the fraudulent electoral process.” DOS sanctioned the investigating prosecutors. It summoned Guatemalans to the US embassy and threatened them and their businesses if they did not push for the investigations to stop, which is a felony.
Carlson responded that it is “so corrupt. It is sad to hear.”

Robby Starbuck Eyes DOS Ties to Child Trafficking
Starbuck’s interview of Angel Pineda, the general secretary of Guatemala’s Attorney General’s Office (AGO), mentioned some of the same points as Duarte. According to Pineda, DOS cut cooperation with the AGO and sanctioned him and Attorney General Consuelo Porras after she and Pineda fired 15 AGO personnel. Pineda added that not working with the AGO adversely affects US interests regarding combating transnational crime.
Starbuck read a letter from Pineda to Texas AG Ken Paxton requesting cooperation in investigating child sexual abuse and trafficking from Guatemala to Texas. Starbuck said Pineda had been “warned by someone connected to the US embassy that he was ‘playing with fire’ by giving this interview.” Pressed by Starbuck for details, Pineda said “You can interpret it in any manner … [it will] not stop the work, but yes, I have to protect myself, protect my family.”

Pineda stated that the AGO is investigating the financing of intimidating protesters active from October through January. AGO personnel and the public were prevented from accessing AGO offices. Pineda tied this to the AGO investigating the electoral fraud Duarte mentioned, which has been amply reported in these pages.

The Association Liga Pro-Patria (a rule-of-law society) linked the violent protests to DOS. The Liga also said this is sedition and attributes it to the Biden regime’s desperation to remove Porras as AG, hide its crimes, and keep Arévalo illegally in the presidency. He would be removed if the law were properly applied.

On May 5, Porras petitioned Guatemala’s highest court for an injunction against Arévalo for unconstitutionally trying to remove her. She told the court there was a “real, certain, and imminent threat” that Arévalo’s unlawful measures could result in attacks against her physical integrity and life. The court immediately granted the injunction.

Also on May 5, Guatemalan congressional leaders met at the US ambassador’s residence to discuss legislation intended to remove Porras. On May 6, Arévalo presented the legislation.

Taking a Stand in Congress
The 11 US Representatives asked Blinken if DOS officials had been involved in promoting Arévalo’s legislative priorities. They also asked whether DOS or USAID officials had met with or invited members of Guatemala’s Congress to the embassy or ambassador’s residence for this purpose.

In Starbuck’s conclusion he says, “If the Biden administration gets what it wants … Porras will be replaced by Biden administration loyalists.” Acting faithfully to her oath of office pits Porras against the amoral Biden regime. She puts her life on the line for her principles and is not only a priceless asset to her country but also to ours.

The House must go beyond letters. Investigations of US actions in Guatemala would uncover Biden’s personal corruption and DOS treason. The same goes for DOS and Biden regime complicity in the flows of illegal migrants and narcotics to undermine our republic. Such exposure would impede the foreign policy establishment’s future ability to betray us.

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