Mario Duarte: The Border Crisis Is Deliberate, opinion by Fergus Hodgson.


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Impunity Observer: Mario Duarte: The Border Crisis Is Deliberate on Apple Podcasts

Mario Duarte—co-founder and CEO of DH Global Strategy, a global consulting and lobbying firm—predicts 2024 will be a hectic year worldwide for geopolitics. He believes the Democratic Party is promoting the US border crisis: “the Western Hemisphere appears to be being weaponized to influence the US November elections in the United States.”

For Duarte, many illegal migrants cross the US border to get new economic opportunities, but others work together with narcos and terrorists. He adds that developed countries have contributed to the weakening of Third-World countries’ economies by promoting socialist politicians.

Duarte explains why he coined the term Latinists. It refers to the unelected bureaucrats who want to intervene in the decision-making of Third-World countries. He claims these bureaucrats are arrogant because they think they know more than locals and what is best for their nations.

The opinion of this article is foreign to Noticiero el Vigilante.


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