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Republicans have bigger fish to fry than debt deals, by Steve Hecht

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

The division among Republicans about the debt ceiling agreement between Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and the Biden regime is a distraction that helps Democrats. Nothing Republicans could have gotten from the anti-American regime in this negotiation would have had lasting positive effects unless we defeat the totalitarians in the elections next year.

The consistent damage to our country from the Biden regime’s domestic and foreign policies indicates it is purposeful. If the regime thought it could have successfully blamed  Republicans for defaulting on US debt to third parties it would have pursued default.

Had the regime insisted Congress raise the debt ceiling without conditions, Republicans would have faced a dire decision. To save the country they care about and avert a disastrous default, Republicans would have had to cave and look weak.

The regime only cares about maintaining and increasing its power to create a one-party state. To the regime a default would just be another scar on the United States to add to the list. However, the regime must have concluded that a deal would divide Republicans and a default would harm Democrats.

Republicans must come together despite their differences on this bill. They should be satisfied they have avoided a default and placed some limits on the regime.

Nothing in a debt ceiling negotiation can address the fundamental problem we face: a totalitarian assault on our liberty. This is what Republicans must focus on in the next 17 months. As many people as possible need to understand their prosperity depends on returning to the rule of law and the timeless, universal principles contained in the Declaration of Independence.

The Durham Report has confirmed Democrat lawlessness in the 2016 election. Government officials committing crimes to influence an election is subversion.

Once they failed and Donald Trump was elected, the Barack Obama team used its remaining weeks in office to lay landmines for Trump. Obama’s deep-state partners and ex-officials such as Brennan, Clapper, Comey, and others and congressional Democrats led by Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and others expanded the illegalities to undermine Trump throughout his tenure.

This cabal and the oligarchs with strong financial interests in China and the media they own teamed up to remove Trump. Their actions in the 2020 elections might have been more subversive than in 2016. Their strategy led to the most corrupt, dangerous government—the Biden regime—in our history.

The Republican-majority House has adopted the correct strategy to confront the threat by creating two select committees: one on weaponization of government and the other on competition with China. Chairmen Jim Jordan (R-OH) and James Comer (R-KY) of the judiciary and oversight committees, respectively, have been diligent in investigating weaponization and abuse by the Biden regime.

The regime is striking back with its preferred strategy: the demonization of so-called MAGA Republicans. With the regime’s oligarch and media partners spreading official propaganda and suppressing truth, the regime keeps its followers perpetually agitated and angry at and fearful of the purportedly evil enemy.

This is how the regime kept the Senate and only narrowly lost the House in the November elections. With normal reporting and the regime’s disastrous record on all fronts, the Democrats would have suffered the worst defeat in US history.

Their success at Saul Alinsky’s polarization strategy has emboldened the regime. It believes it can surpass last November’s results and keep the executive and regain the legislative branches next year.

We cannot rely on pointing out the regime’s disastrous record to defeat it. We must expose and denounce the regime’s crimes, totalitarianism, polarization, and its media.

Regime media have hidden and spun the regime crimes Jordan and Comer have exposed. The representatives need help from committees that oversee other branches of the federal government.

The most vulnerable is the State Department (DOS). Considering it has run its own foreign policy for many years, operates in foreign lands, and has not been held to account, DOS has revealed itself sufficiently in the last two years for the House to expose its criminality.


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